Big girls don’t cry… They get even (1991)

Directed by Joan Micklin Silver

Starring David Strathairn, Hillary Wolf, Griffin Dunne, Patricia Kaiember, Jenny Lewis, Ben Savage, Dan Futterman

I will be honest; the day I wrote this review I had a bad day and I just wanted to go back to a simpler time and the movie can take you there. I remember about this picture, it was not a classic or anything but I remember enjoying it.

The story is about Laura. She lives with her mother and her stepdad. The family has a complicated relationship and situations and one night something happens in the house and she gets blamed for it. she decides to follow in the footsteps of her older stepbrother and run away with him to a lake house where he lives. This causes the whole family to get together in the lake house while they look for Laura.

As I said, this isn’t a masterpiece or even a cult classic of the early 1990s. But having said that it is not a bad film either. as I revisited the film today I found myself enjoying it again. The main character of Laura is a bit annoying, it is the rest of the characters that I like. The film is about Laura but it is the change in the rest of the family that makes the film special to me. The message that family is present in the movie and the sentimental guy in me likes that. I remember other films like The Great Outdoors, that like this film, tell funny stories about family and how we can never get away from them.

The actors were very known during that period. Davis Strathairn is a great actor that continues to make films today. Jenny Lewis starred on the Wizard, and Ben Savage went to be Cory Mathews on Boy meets world. The cast is very good, they all add a charm to the story. What I like most about the characters is that they all are flawed, but they are good underneath and just needed some awakening.

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