Bob Dylan: The bootleg series 16: Springtime in New York City (2021) 

Various producers

Today saw the release of the new volume of Bob Dylan’s Bootleg series. I have enjoyed these albums since the first one was released. to hear songs in a different style and even get a song that Dylan never released is always a treat. This volume Is called Springtime in New York City and covers three albums: Shot of love, Infidels, and Empire Burlesque. 

I have to say that I liked this volume a lot because it has a lot of music and fewer repetitions of tracks, some releases focused on an album and there were a lot of outtakes of the same song, which is fine for one listen. This one felt more interesting, and for me, I like these three albums a lot. 

I got the digital version that contains 5 CDs. The first cd features rehearsals, the second is from the Shot of love sessions, albums 3 and 4 focuses on the Infidels session, and 5 on Empire Burlesque and some live tracks. For a more detailed look check the video review. 

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