Daredevil (2003)

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson

Starring Ben Affleck, Michael Duncan Clarke, Jennifer Garner, Jon Favreau, Collin Farrell

I saw this film available on Prime and I wanted to see it because I have not seen it in years and I remember that I liked the film when it came out. But now the film is regarded as being a bad film and I wanted to revisit the movie to see what I feel about it today. It was curious to find two future giants on Marvel involved in this film, Kevin Feige was involved in the film, but as I found today as I searched he was involved in many Marvel films including X/Men and Spiderman. The other is Jon, Happy himself, here he plays Matt’s lawyer partner.

Ok, seeing it now I have to say that while it is not a bad film, it’s not perfect either. I saw the director’s cut where they made some changes. I couldn’t tell what was different because I don’t remember much of the original version. The plot involving a case defending a character played by Coolio felt so unnecessary, it added nothing to the film. Other than that the story was ok, normal for an origin story. It did feel like I was watching The Crow and a story more suited for The Punisher though.

I have nothing bad to say about Ben Affleck, he was alright as Daredevil, he was even better as Batman in my opinion. Collin Farrell was too over the top for me as Bullseye. Michael Duncan Clarke was good as the Kingpin.

This was the beginning of Marvel in films and not all were perfect, but it was good to see the comic coming to life. When it comes to Daredevil thankfully we have the Netflix series which was great and was perfectly cast.

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