The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Directed by Craig Johnson

Starring Bill Hader, Kirsten Wig, Luke Wilson

There are films you find out of nowhere and this one is an example of that. I saw it on Amazon Prime and it looked interesting but I had no idea the film existed. I like both Bill Hader and Kirsten Wig from Saturday Night Live and believe it or not I like when comedic try drama even if it has a touch of comedy.

The story is about twin brothers Milo and Maggie. They have not seen each other in 10 years and the film begins as Milo tries to commit suicide. Maggie is seen with a lot of pills as if she also was trying to commit suicide but she is stopped by a call from a hospital to tell her about Milo. Milo goes to stay with Maggie and her husband Lance while he gets better. Both going through their situations try to be there for each other as they discover new secrets and heal the past.

What can I say about the film?, I liked the story and the characters. It has a nice blend of drama and comedy, but comedy at the right tone for the film. The film deals with touchy subjects like Maggie not wanting to be a mother because of her mother, his brother had a situation with a teacher, and infidelity is also covered in the film. I have to be honest this is not the kind of film you end up feeling good, not that it does not have a good ending, but it’s a film where two characters are struggling and together they might be on track to heal.

Bill Hader is starting to impress me, I thought he was the best actor in the second part of Stephen King’s IT, and here he gives a great performance. Kirsten Wig also gives a good performance, from expressions to each line, we believe the character and what she is going through. Luke Wilson gives his typical upbeat and good guy performance, he is good at it.

I liked the film, it was a nice surprise, glad I found it. It received good reviews especially for the performances and I agree with that.

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