Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X: Blood Brothers (2021)

Directed by Marcus Clarke

This documentary is one I have wanted to see since the film One Night in Miami. That film sparked a curiosity about the relationship between these two icons. I knew they had a relationship because it was touched on films like Ali starring Will Smith.

The documentary is simply about the relationship and events of the lives of Malcolm and Muhammed. It has a lot of interesting footage and interviews that take us deep into the minds of these two icons. I was amazed to see that they both went to Africa at the same time, I did not know that.

For me, it is sad how the friendship ended and more because it was the influence of outside people that truly caused them to drift apart. I think Ali was badly guided and he was new and wanted to belong and decided to drift apart from his friend. The documentary is a great resource to know more about those times, their struggle, and the life they led.

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