Metallica (Black album) (1991) Remastered (2021)

Produced by Hetfield, Ulrich, and Bob Rock

This is the album that broke Metallica to an even bigger status. Today various versions of the album have been released. I wanted the deluxe box set but my budget only allowed me to spend on The Beatles Let it be box set coming soon, so I got it digitally.

The album itself sounds great, I don’t know how better because I did not listen to the other version to compare, but it sounds good. The quality of the album still holds up and any upgrade only makes it better. The songs are still great.

The real value I give to these box sets is the extra content. I have to say that for any real fan get the deluxe version physically because digital it lacks a special value compared to the price. The live stuff sounded so great it shocked me because other releases with live content did not sound so good. This one felt like I was there with the band live. There are cool things included here like Metallica’s set in the Freddie Mercury tribute concert and Hetfield song with Queen. The demos and work-in-progress tracks are interesting.

The band also released an album where other artists cover the album. I am not a fan of covers so I have not listened to it, but if you are interested, it is called The BlackList where over 53 artists perform their versions of the songs.

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