Divine secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)

Directed by Callie Khouri

Starting Sandra Bullock, Ellen Burstyn, James Garner, Ashley Judd, Maggie Smith

The other as a saw Alice doesn’t live here anymore with Ellen Burstyn, I was reminded and wanted to see this film where I believe I saw her on film for the first time.

The film is mainly about a mother and daughter relationship. Sidda played by Bullock, is a writer and in an interview, she talked about her childhood and her mother. Vivi read and both stopped talking to each other. The Ya-Ya’s were Vivi and her lifelong friends and how they called each other. Looking to help the Ya-Ya’s without Vivi’s knowledge took Sidda to their house to help her understand her mother by telling her the truth about Vivi’s life.

Not a perfect movie by any means but yet I have always enjoyed the movie. I like the story and the characters. I think what shines in the film are the characters. They are funny and well written and Vivi is a complex interesting character, sometimes not likable but we get to understand her. When it comes to the story, I like it more when they are in the present, the flashbacks I know their importance but for some reason, I don’t like them all. I think it is because I enjoy the chemistry of the actresses playing the older versions of the characters. I think that Vivi is a complex character and both Ashley and Ellen gave great performances in the role. Yes, it has moments that feel too overdramatic but overall I enjoy the movie.

The best thing the movie has is the performances. Ellen, Maggie, Fionnula, and Shirley are great as the group of friends known as the Ya-Ya’s. Ashley Judd shines as young Vivi. James Gardner and Sandra Bullock complement their performances to perfection. The film also has good music, especially Waiting for you by Bob Dylan.

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