Short Circuit (1986)

Directed by John Badham

Starring Steve Guttenberg, Ally Sheedy

I admit some movies are so engraved in memory that nostalgia alone makes them fun to see again. This one I remember so well and all the times I saw it in home video or on cable TV.

Nova is working on a set of robot programs to destroy or help in war situations. Number 5 is hit by lightning and becomes alive. He meets Stephanie and learns of the world while trying to survive Nova officials who want to destroy him.

Yes, this is a simple story but yet as I saw it today it still had its charm and remains entertaining. Now enjoy it with my daughter, one can say that it’s a good family film. She laughed with the film and even imitated Number 5, it was special enjoying it with her. who put out down her tablet to see the movie.

The performances were okay, the main thing in the movie was the robot. Steve was the man in the ’80s, he appears in a lot of classic 80’s films including this film. He is a good actor and he made a lot of fun movies. Alley Sheedy worked well with the robot, she had the most scenes with Number 5.

This is an old movie but I believe it holds its value as a fun and family film.

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