Worth (2020)

Directed by Sara Colangelo

Starring Michael Keaton, Stanly Tucci, Amy Ryan.

I saw the trailer for this film and it quickly grabbed my interest. I always thought that after years pass we would get movies to tell the different stories about people and situations that happened that awful day.

After the events of 9/11, government is looking to make a fund for the families that lost a loved one on that day. Kenneth Feinberg and his firm take on the task of building the fund and getting the families to apply for it.

I have to say that this felt like an honest film in the sense that it showed how those in power react and fear loosing money. Based on the film the airlines just wanted to avoid to lawsuits. Feinberg understood that the families would be better off with the fund because it was secure and they could lose in a lawsuit.

I thought it was a great movie. Of course it is a hard subject but I felt it was handled with respect and honesty and it was a moving story by the end. It makes me angry at how corporate always manages things but that is expected. The film itself I think will keep you watching it because you want to see what happens with the fund and the characters. It is interesting and at least I was always interested and engaged in the film.

Michael Keaton has always been one of my favorite actors and here once again he gives a great performance. The other highlight for me was Stanley Tucci, such a great actor and here he gives a moving performance as a man who lost his wife in 9/11 and he wants the fund to be just. So it is a movie that deals more with Ken’s character and how the process affects him. But all the cast was great in the film.

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