9/11: Inside the President’s war room (2021)

Directed by Adam Wishart

I have to say that I did not plan to see two films related to 9/11, but I ended up seeing the movie Worth, a film that deals with the fund for the families who lost a family member on 9/11, and then this documentary. I don’t look at this event and see it politically, on any place an attack where so many dies is a tragedy, this one just hit closer because it was on our side of the world. Also, it was televised, we got to see all of it as it unfolded.

I have seen many documentaries about 9/11 but this one was interesting because it took us deep into the President’s reaction and how they were coping and handling the situation. It is hard to relieve those images and it is still heartbreaking to hear the stories of those who lost their loved ones.

I thought it was very interesting and even though it deals with the president, I did not feel it was political, instead, we saw the human side of them. It was new because I never saw a documentary where Bush was interviewed about every detail of what he went through that day.

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