Bob Ross: Happy accidents, betrayal, and greed (2021)

Directed by Joshua Rofé

Starring Bob Ross, Steve Ross, and Dana Jester

I never painted anything, but I have memories of watching this guy on television doing some landscapes with this soothing voice with a big afro. Bob Ross became very successful with his tv show the Joy of Painting that ran on PBS.

The documentary takes a look at his life. I have to say that I liked the documentary a lot because I had little knowledge about his life. I have to say it was interesting to know about how he started painting and what went on behind the scenes in his life. The film puts his business partners as greedy people who ended taking control of his name and likeness and nothing is given to his son. Since they declined to be part of the film we don’t see their side, that is the only flaw maybe, but they declined so it’s not the filmmaker’s fault.

I don’t know how many remember Bob Ross but like me knew nothing about him, I think you might enjoy the film and know about his life.

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