Sweet child (2021)

Directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza

Starting Jason Momoa, Isabel Merced, Ariana Arjona

One thing I miss from seeing movies in the theater is the trailers. Now honestly, I find the movies by luck or because I constantly check my platforms for something new. Released today, I saw the trailer on Netflix and decided to see it.

The story is about Ray Cooper. He is a happy family man, married to Amanda and they have a daughter named Rachel. When Amanda falls ill, the family gets hope when a new medicine that can help save was about to be approved. But when politics and big pharmaceutical companies get involved and stop the release, Ray vows revenge blaming them for her wife’s death.

The film is a very good action thriller. I liked that it was not a typical revenge movie. I think it had good plot twists that made the film interesting. It had plenty of action and it had a good story. I admit that I got tired at one point but quickly got interested again.

Jason Momoa shows that he is a good action film actor and gave a good performance. For me the best performance was Isabela Merced, she had a lot of hard scenes and I think she was believable.

As a film, I can say that it is entertaining. It’s a good action film with a little suspense mixed in.

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