Paul McCartney and Wings Red Rose Speedway (1971)

Produced by Paul McCartney

I have found myself listening to this album a few times these past days. I find myself rediscovering the album and liking it more than I did when I first heard it.

It’s the second album by Paul and his new band Wings. I don’t like Wings Wildlife that much even though it has good songs on it. This album for me is Paul’s first real album. McCartney and Ram both are great albums but felt more like fun albums made at home rather than proper albums, for me anyway. Red Rose Speedway the songs feel more complete and it led to Band on the Run.

The first side is the strongest with great songs as the hit My love, Get on the right thing, One more Kiss, and Little lamb dragonfly. The second side is great thanks to the great medley at the end.

The remastered version has a lot of extra songs like Mary had a little lamb which Paul recorded as an answer to Give Ireland Back to the Irish being censored, and yet I love it. I think this is a great album that does not get mentioned that much.

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