Toy Soldiers (1991)

Directed by Daniel Petrie Jr.

Starring Sean Astin, Keith Coogan, Wil Wheaton, Louis Gossett Jr.

I have not seen this film in a long time. This film brought together at least three of the best young talent at the time. Sean Astin from The Goonies, Wil from Stand by me, and Keith Coogan starred in Aventures in Babysitting. By this film, they were older of course but known for those roles.

The story is simple. A Columbian drug lord is extradited to the United States and his son plans to take a school hostage because of the kids in the school until they release his father. A group of friends develops a plan to save the school.

The film is a good action film. It has a good story to back up the action and good characters. Seeing again I can say I still enjoyed it. It is a nice film for a nostalgic trip.

The performances are good. The kids have good chemistry together and that worked for the film. When I see now Wheaton I can only think of Sheldon and his hate for him, but he was good in the film. Having Gossett Jr gave something extra for the film.

This is just a good action film, it is a fun movie to see, the action is good and the situations and conflicts are interesting.

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