Coda (2021)

Directed Sian Heder

Starring Emilia Jones, Eugenio Derbez, Daniel Durant.

I was waiting for this film since I saw the trailer on my Apple + app.

The story is about Ruby Rossi and her family. She is the only one who can hear in her family and most of her life she has helped them interact with other people. When she joins the choir she meets a teacher who helps find her voice. But her dream of singing clashes with the needs of her family.

What a beautiful film! I just finished the film and I loved it. The movie is funny and also very moving. It has elements of other films but the way it is done is somehow different and worth watching. It is a film where you can understand where every character is and have no clear answer to who is right or wrong because they all act in a place of love for one another. Like I said I wanted to see it but I did not expect to like it that much.

Emilia Jones gives a great performance as Ruby. We believe every emotion the character is going through. Eugenio Derbez is a funny character but not in a forced way, he is just funny in the approach of teaching, it is yet a balanced performance between the funny aspects of the character and serious parts of the character. The whole cast is really good, Troy and Marlee who plays Ruby’s parents, are both so great in the film.

Like, ai said this is a touching film that can make you laugh and cry. I am glad I saw it and I think it’s a good movie to see.

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