Here Today (2021)

Directed by Billy Crystal

Starring Billy Crystal and Tiffani Haddish

I have seen a few films written and directed by Crystal and I have enjoyed them. the film 61* is one of my favorite films and was Crystal’s tribute to the Yankees and Mantle. He also wrote America’s Sweethearts and even though it was not a huge hit I found it funny and charming. So, based on that I wanted to see this film.

The story is about Charlie Burnz. He is a comedy writer who is suffering from dementia and is struggling to fix his relationship with his kids. He meets Emma Payge at a dinner and the two form a friendship.

Crystal once again can give a funny yet moving story that both entertains you and move you. I know that liking this movie will depend on the person, I at least found it to be a great film. I think the writing in the film was very good. It has some conflicts but it leaves them simple and gives us a story about people and how they relate and face life. I loved that it was a story of pure friendship. It reminded me of the film The upside, but this one worked better for me because Hart in that film fell into a character full of jokes, here Haddish can bring a character to life and be funny through the script.

Billy Crystal was funny, but that is not strange as he is known for his comedy. I loved his performance in the dramatic aspects of his character. Tiffani Haddish was great in this one and I am not a fan of her films. But in this film, I found her performance was very good.

I thought it was a good film. I love these kinds of stories where life is portrayed on screen as real as can be, not exaggerating troubles but not painting everything perfect.

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