Vivo (2021)

Directed Kirk DeMicco

Starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Zoe Saldana, Gloria Estefan

There are movies that you don’t plan on seeing, especially animated films, but having kids sometimes you end up seeing them. This happened with this film, my daughter wanted me to see it.

The story is about Andres, who plays music in the plaza with his pet Vivo. One day he receives a letter from Marta. Marta and Andres used to make music together until she went to Miami. She wrote inviting him to play on her last show in Miami. When he dies Vivo has to take the song Andres wrote for Marta.

Like I said I did not want to see this movie but I was surprised by the movie. For kids, it has the characters and the situations that make them laugh. And for adults, it has a love story that we could relate to and understand. For me, it was the story that I liked. A story about friendship and loss that made the film have a deeper meaning to the film. I felt there were too many songs though, but in the end, they were musicians so it is understandable.

I think this is a good film to see with your kids. It is fun, I laughed with my daughter in a few scenes and I cried in a few scenes too.

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