Val (2021)

Directed by Leo Scott and Ting Poo

Narrated by Jack Kilmer.

Growing up I have to say I saw a lot of films starring Val Kilmer and I remember liking most of them. The film Willow is a classic film and I remember loving it, I have not seen that movie in a while. The Doors where Val Kilmer gave an oscar-worthy performance as Jim Morrison. Thunderheart is another great film. Of course, Heat where he starred along Pacino and DeNiro is another great film. I can go on and on mentioning films where he has starred, I will mention one more and it’s Top Secret! A silly comedy that I just love.

This documentary is great because it is told by Val Kilmer himself and the many hours of footage he recorded with a camera he owned. So I felt I was getting an honest look at his life and he was shown strong and vulnerable, funny and sad. It was more a look at his life and not just focusing on the movies. Some pictures are mentioned in detail but not as much as other documentaries that focus on the work. Here we see how Val felt about the roles and how they impacted his life.

It was great learning about his family and other things that I did not know about. By having his son narrate the film It made it better because he sounded just like his dad.

Available on Amazon Prime, I think it’s a good documentary to see. It was a very moving movie and for fans of Kilmer very revealing and honest.

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