All things must pass (1970) 50th-anniversary edition (2021)

Produced George Harrison and Phil Spector, the new version by Paul Hicks and Dhani Harrison

For a more comprehensive look at this album you can check a review I did for the album ( for more details of the history of the album. I wanted

About the re-issue. All I can say is that I’ve fallen more in love with the album. The songs are so strong and the sound is just great. I can’t stop listening to it and I can’t wait to get my vinyl and cd deluxe edition to see it physically. But the music stands for itself and just reminds us just how good of a musician and songwriter was George Harrison, he was more than a third option in The Beatles, by the end of The Beatles he was equal to John and Paul, how amazing for a band to have three such talents.

The demos are just a great as the finished songs and it was great to hear. The sessions tracks were great as we heard the band jamming and talking. The unreleased tracks were good, I thought they were going to be unfinished pieces but they were complete songs that he either never recorded or in the case of Beautiful Girl recorded later. Dahra Dun, I remember hearing a verse on The Beatles Anthology and it is here as a complete song and it was great.

George, you are missed, but the music still holds up against anything released today. I will do a video review when I get the physical versions.

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