The last mercenary (2021)

Directed by David Charhon

Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alban Ivanov, Assa Sylla

A great Van Damme movie was normal in the ’80s and 90’s with classics like Bloodsport, Double Impact, Lion Heart, Nowhere to Run among other good old action films. I have not seen him since The Expendables film where he was the villain. Available on Netflix, it caught my attention and interest to see a Van Damme film.

A secret agent makes a deal for the government to provide immunity for his son in exchange he will remain silent and disappear. Years later when the immunity is taken down, he must return to France to protect his son.

Right from the beginning, this felt like those old good action films. Van Damme is on the roof hanging with his legs stretched, then he falls and begins his attack. It felt like it was both a satire of action films and yet a serious action film. Is in the satire part that it went wrong for me. The characters were too silly and it ruined the movie for me, it was hard to watch honestly. The action part was good, seeing Van Damme still fighting was great and the nod to Bloodsport was cool. It could have been a better film if the comedy was toned down a bit and did not make the characters so silly.

The film is dubbed because it is in French, maybe that affected some of the comedy but I don’t think so, the characters for me just became annoying. I might think the tone of the film and the silliness were done on purpose and maybe others will like it. But not me, I saw it until the end but I had no real motivation to finish it.

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