McCartney III Imagined (2021)

Produced by various.

I want to begin by saying that I am a big McCartney fan and believe that his recent work is at par with his best work from early in his career. And this third album of the McCartney trilogy is a great album. I listened to it yesterday and I appreciated it more. It has the quality of both previous album, the experimental side of McCartney II and the relaxed mood of McCartney (1970).

My initial reaction to this remix album was not to excited. I don’t mind experimental music, The Beatles did that, but the idea of playing around with songs that already sounded great did not win my interest.

I heard the remix and felt like it was necessary to do this remix album, I know he did it for fun and maybe to keep up to date I don’t know, but still the songs already sounded great and some were quite experimental to begin with.

I did not like Beck’s version of find my way and the only one I liked was Seize the


But this is just my opinion. For the review of the original McCartney III read below.

Original Album Review

Produced by Paul McCartney

In 1970 after The Beatles broke up, Paul recorded what was a real homemade album where he played all instruments. It was an album mixed with jam and songs. It was an album where Paul just played without the idea of making a proper album in a sense. Then in 1980 after Wings ended Paul released McCartney II, where Paul again made an album of songs that felt like a guy having fun in the studio. That is the feeling behind the McCartney titled albums. So 40 years later McCartney III is released.

Made during Lockdown, Paul decided to finish some songs he had and record the album at his home. I have to say this is a better album than his last released Egypt Station. I also expected an album full of weird tracks more like McCartney II, but what I heard were cool songs and some with nice melodies. It does have the feeling of being an album where Paul is just relaxed making tracks.

The album begins with Long-tailed winter bird a cool track. I liked the rhythm of the song the lyrics were repetitive but I feel that that one was more of a jam and it sounded great. The second one was a real pop song and I loved it, Find my way is a typical Paul song with a nice melody and good lyrics. Lavatory Lil felt like Temporary Secretary not in the sound but the theme of the song. The deep deep feeling is an 8-minute long song with good lyrics and great music, it does not get boring. The kiss of Venus is a beautiful acoustic track. Seize the day has a beautiful message. In summary, is a great album.

I consider this album one of his best albums. I think is an album that fans will like. It has the good songs we come to expect from Paul. A little of everything and the sound of the album is great. I still like McCartney better, but this one I liked more than McCartney II.

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