Playing with Sharks (2021)

Directed by Sally Aitken

I think I have mentioned before that I like shark-related things. Once I saw Jaws I became fascinated with sharks and loved documentaries or even films that would scare me out of the water. Now Disney + released a few things along Discovery’s Shark Week so there were a lot of options.

This documentary takes a look at the life of Valerie Taylor. She became a pioneer in diving and a woman in diving. She was part of a crew who first filmed great white sharks outside of the cage. As I was seeing the documentary I was thinking the I’ve seen her and her husband before and it turns out that they filmed the real sharks for the movie Jaws.

I thought it was interesting to see footage of her early dives and how she decided to no longer kill sharks. The footage is amazing, the way they swam with different species of sharks and other animals was amazing. It is divided in a way because at first they killed the fish in a contest and it is all shown and them the documentary shows how they tried to protect the ocean once they realized they did not want to shoot any fish.

It is a charming look at the life of Valerie and her husband Ron, and their adventures on the sea.

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