Trial by media (2020)

I thought this was new, but I found it was released last year on Netflix. I thought the premise was interesting. The show takes a look at famous court cases where the media could have influenced the verdict or the outcome. It has 6 episodes. I always like documentaries that go deeper into true events and this is such a show, I will review each episode, or talk about it without saying much. There were 6 episodes but I only saw the 4 that interested me based on the description.

Episode 1 is called the Talkshow murder and it takes a look at the case of Jonathan Schmitz. He killed Scott Amedure after going on the Jenny Jones show. The episode was about revealing secret crushes and on the show, Scott revealed he had a crush on Jonathan. The episode takes a fair look at both sides and how shows like Jerry Springer were harming.

Episode 2 deals with the case of Bernard Goetz, known as the Subway Vigilante. This was an interesting episode because I knew little about it.

Episode 3 deals with the shooting of Amadou Diallo. It became a big media topic because he was a black unarmed kid and the police fired 41 shots. I don’t believe in taking sides, but this was such a tragedy and no one can ever know. The show shows the police officers crying and saying that they thought he had a gun, that I understand and a warning shot would have been understood but 41 shots it’s too much for me. The episode looks at the fight for justice and the outcome of the trial.

Episode 5 was a heart-breaking one. It deals with a woman who was raped by four men. It takes a looks at the effects of the media covering a rape trial. It is shocking how they blamed her simply because the news reported that the rapist was Portuguese and the community became angry.

There are two other episodes, one deals with fraud the other with political corruption. At least the ones I saw I think are worth watching.

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