Masters of the universe (2021)

Created by Kevin Smith

Voices of Mark Hamill, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Conroy, Chris Wood

If you are, like me, a child of the 80’s, there is a big chance you saw He-Man and had the toys. I had them all, the characters and the castle and loved the cartoons, even now I still enjoy it. When I heard about bringing back He-Man I was skeptic because I hated the new She-Ra cartoon and the new Thundercats that was done a few years ago. These revivals don’t always work. When I read that Kevin Smith was involved I was relieved a bit because he is a fan and I thought he would not go far out into doing something that ruins the memory of the show even if it’s different.

Is hard to tell what the story without spoiling it so I won’t go into the story. Only that it has all the characters we love and remember.

Ok, so what did I think of it. I have to say I loved it. The animation looked like anime which was great and the story was good filed with unexpected moments. I loved the animation and the new characters that were added. About the classic I loved that they looked the same but they were made into more serious, taking away some of the silliness that the original had. Characters like Mer-Man, Beast-Man, Evil Lynne and Skeletor looked great on this version. Is hard to please every one and I’m sure the fact that the story centers more on Teela might be an issue, for me it was not because the story was interesting and original and bold.

The voice talent was good. Mark Hamill has done the voice for iconic villains like Joker and Chucky, thankfully he plays Skeletor and provides a more menacing voice, and he reunites with Batman himself Kevin Conroy who plays Mer-man.

I am pleased with the first part and I can’t wait for the second part.

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