The Dig (2021)

Directed by Simon Stone

Starring Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes, Lilly James

I had this film on my watchlist I think mainly because of the cast because I had seen no trailer or read anything about the film. This Sunday morning felt like a good time to see it.

Edith Pretty owns land that has huge burial mounds. She hires Basil Brown, who is a self-taught archeologist to dig and see what they find. The find gathers the interest of a museum that takes over the excavations.

In Puerto Rico, there is a movie theater that only runs movies that are not commercial, international films, or drama films. I loved going to that theater and see films where the attraction was the story and the performances. I say that because this is a film I would have seen there. It is a beautiful story and I found out at the end that it was based on a true story and that affected me more. I love human stories and this film was rich in that, with each character having some storyline colliding together with the findings. It is a dramatic picture with no real conflict or events to add drama except what each character was going through. I thought that a big company would come and take their work and it happened but not like I expected and I liked that they went either to what truly happened or avoided a cliche storyline. It is an interesting film with good characters.

The performances were on point. Ever since Promising Young Woman, I have become a fan of Carey Mulligan, and here she gives a sweet and moving performance. Ralph Fiennes is among the best actors and here he gives life to the mild character and he nailed it. Lily James is another actress that I like and she also gives a good performance as a woman unsatisfied in her marriage.

I was just looking for something to see while my family was still sleeping and found a film that had a beautiful story of friendship, discovery, and love and with good actors and performances.

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