Bob Dylan Shadow Kingdom (2021)

In the pandemic era, artists have come to rely on digital platforms to provide “live” concerts to fans and also, being honest, earn income because that is where an artist makes his money thanks to all music streaming services, that is only my opinion. Because of this I have seen concerts from Pearl Jam, went to a Zoom listening party for the new Stryper album and today It was Bob Dylan who offered a concert but not live, more in a film style, but I believe it was recorded with the band performing live or re-recorded versions of the songs.

The setting was like a 50’s night club, and the movie was black and white. The special was called Shadow Kingdom: The Early Songs of Bob Dylan. So with that, we get an idea of what songs we might be getting but I have to say I was surprised by the setlist. He did not go for the obvious ones.

The band sounded great, it was a simple band with bass, two guitars ( sometimes one acoustic and one electric), an accordion, and Bob with vocals, harmonica, and sometimes a guitar. The new arrangements sounded good, I liked how they sounded, Dylan at times looked frail, but yet brilliant in his performance.

The show started with the great song When I paint my masterpiece. I will put the setlist below, but he sang a lot of songs from Blond on Blond, Highway, and John Wesley Harding or that period. I thought Forever Young was beautiful.

What can I say, it was a great special, but with an artist like Bob that has so many songs, 50 minutes was not enough. I think he could have gone at least an hour, but that is a flaw of most of us, we always want more. In the end, I loved the special, loved the songs, and hope there is a part 2 soon.

The songs:

1. When I paint my masterpiece

2. Most likely you go your way and I go mine

3. Queen Jane

4. I’ll be your baby tonight

5. Just Like Tom Thumb’s blues

6. Tombstone blues

7. To be alone with you

8. Did not get that one

9. Forever young

10. Pledging my time

11. Wicked messenger

12. Watching the river flow

13. It’s all over now, baby blue

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