Space Jam A new legacy (2021)

Directed by Malcolm D Lee

Starring Lebron James, Don Cheadle, Zendaya

As a sports fan, I honestly got tired of the debate of who is better, Jordan or James. For me, it is an easy choice, Jordan. And by LeBron doing this film, it only adds to the topic and I’m sure they will compare films. I am a huge fan of Jordan and I don’t think the first one was an awesome film, it was entertaining.

This time around the story is mainly about LeBron and one of his kids who likes to design video games more than basketball. When Dom is taken to the server verse LeBron follows and now has to assemble a team and win vs the Algorithm to win his son back.

What can I say, I’m left the same way I was left after the first one, entertained. Can’t say the movie is great but it is not bad either. Kids will enjoy it and in the end, I think is aimed at them. The film just takes the first film’s elements and made them bigger, but it’s the same film and not funny, at least I did not laugh that much, it had its moments. The use of all WB characters for me worked or at least it looked cool. The game itself felt forced in the sense that it had to be different and they made it a video game. The rap battle, oh my God! They made a few jokes at James’s expense about his career and even at one point mentioned Jordan which was funny. Visually is better film than the original, but over all if did not offer something new to me, and like the first one it is just entertaining.

Look I’ll be honest LeBron felt more natural than Michael performance-wise, but he lacks charisma in my opinion. I think James should have made something different, not much he could have done here. Not even Don Cheadle could save this movie.

It also ran for almost two hours and that is too much, it got boring at some point. My main problem is the length of the film and the fact that it felt like the same movie with more effects. The visuals were great, I have to give the film that.

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