Loki (2021) Few Spoilers

Starring Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

When it comes to characters from the MCU, Loki has been among my favorites. He is a villain and yet he is a compelling character, funny even in his mischief. When it was announced that a series was being developed for Disney + I was excited. I had no idea what they were going to do with the character, but I wanted to see it.

So, now that all 6 episodes are on Disney +, my thoughts on the show are that great. It kept what made the character interesting but also allowed him to go in different directions at times. Just like WandaVision or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, not every episode is flawless, but nothing big as to ruin the show.

The concept of the show was interesting. I never read about the Time-Variant Authority but I liked it and what it was supposed to stand for. Also, it was fun to have all those Loki’s, especially when they all appear in the Void.

Tom Hiddleston continues to shine here as Loki. He is just perfect as this character in the films and the show as well. Sophia and Tom have great chemistry together. Owen Wilson also was good as Mobius.

I thought the show was great and the ending left two things clear, one is that a second season is on the way, it was confirmed so I’m looking forward to where they go with the story. Also, I believe that this story ties somehow to Dr. Strange’s sequel, we’ll see.

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