All Eyez on Me (2017)

Directed by Benny Boom

Starring Demetrius Shipp, Kat Graham, Lauren Cohan

I have to be honest, I am not a fan of Rap music. But Tupac was such a big persona and figure it was hard to know of him. I did like his films though and is through the films that I knew him most. I have vivid memories of being at my grandmother’s house watching a Bulls game against the Rockets and after that, I saw Juice. I remember liking Poetic Justice as well. Anyway, fan or not, it was a life cut short.

The movie tells the story of Tupac as he rose to fame and found his way to the music industry, it goes through his legal battles and his time in Death Row until his death.

When it comes to bio-pic films there are always some that say the film had it wrong and I remember people like Jada Smith going against the movie and how their relationship was. I think no film based on a person could be 100% true, some things are changed or added, just see Bohemian Rhapsody. Since I did not know much, I found the film at least interesting. It just felt more like a tv movie instead of a film where they could have gone deeper into his life and not just the things that are known.

Shipp’s resemblance to Tupac is amazing and for this being his performance he was good. It felt like seeing Tupac most of the time and I think it’s his performance that makes the film watchable for me. The rest of the cast just felt like fake at times or just imitations.

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