The tomorrow war (2021)

Directed by Chris McKay

Starring Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simons

This is one of those films that Decided to see without knowing much about it. I knew by the title that it would be an action film and I like Chris Pratt so I knew it had a good chance at being entertaining. I have read some that liked others not much, so here goes my opinion.

The story begins in the present where they are drafting people to go into the future and fight a war against aliens who are taking over the world in the future. Dan Foster is a teacher and was in the army and he is drafted to go into the future and save the world. It sounds familiar but is the simplest way to put it without spoilers.

There are a lot of films that deal with the future and somewhere in time trying to change that future. This film is in line with that story, but even if stories are similar they can still make a good movie. I liked the movie, I liked the story and the fact that this time people were going to the future instead of the past to change things. I liked the aliens and how they looked and the action scenes looked good and were exciting. Yes, there are a lot of expected storylines and things in the plot but that did not lower the entertainment factor for me. When it comes to man vs aliens, I think one was a good one. The aliens looked ugly and disgusting but they were fun to watch.

Chris Pratt is a charismatic actor that can make an audience like his characters and enjoy the film. He does it again here with a character who is the hero but yet is vulnerable and believable. J.K Simons adds a lot to the picture just with his presence.

The movie is available on Amazon Prime, I enjoyed the movie, I think it stands as a good science fiction action film.

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