The mask of Zorro (1998)

Directed Martin Campbell

Starring Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones

I have not seen this film in a long time. I remember that I liked it and that it was a big hit for Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. So it was a perfect film to revisit on a Sunday afternoon.

The film starts as the masked hero Zorro saves some men that were going to get killed by Don Rafael. Don Diego De la Vega, Zorro, returns to his home to his wife and daughter when Din Rafael arrives. Rafael was also in love with his wife and he tries to take De la Vega as his prisoner when a guard kills Esperanza, Rafael then takes the baby and raises her as his daughter. 20 years later Zorro escapes and takes Alejandro as his pupil to rescue Elena and settle his score with Din Rafael.

This is a timeless movie. It is a fun adventure movie with great action sequences and funny moments. But the main thing about the film for me is that it has a good story behind it all. The characters are well written even if some are cliché characters of the genre.

Antonio Banderas was great as Zorro. This period was a very good one for Banderas with many good roles. What can be said about Anthony Hopkins that has not been said, he is a great actor and he is great as the mentor for this new Zorro. Zeta-Jones is also good as Elena, the daughter of the villain and Zorro’s love interest. I like the character because she speaks her mind and she is definitively not just the girl the hero rescues.

This is an old film that I recommend to anyone that has not seen it.

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