Gladiator (1992)

Directed by Rowdy Herrington

Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., James Marshall, Robert Loggia, Ossie Davis, Brian Dennehy

This is a boxing movie for the MTV generation. I tackled race and class all within illegal boxing where all the characters collide.

Tommy Riley just moved to a new place. Tommy faces trouble in school with a gang and then he learns that his father owes 1,250 dollars to a shark for gambling. To help his father he accepts to fight in an illegal boxing circuit. He then is forced to fight more by the owner of the circuit.

The story in all honesty is not a new one. I can think of Lion Heart with Van Damme or any other boxing movie. For some reason, I have always enjoyed this one. I like the characters and the friendships that are formed. The drama behind the fights and the fight themselves are great. The last battle between Horn and Tommy is a fun fight to see. At least for me, this is a good film in the boxing genre.

The film has good actors that along with the new or less known at that time. Greats like Ossie Davis, Brian Dennehy, and Robert Loggia are great in the film. Cuba Gooding Jr. and James Marshall are also good in the film.

Saw it again today and I saw it without skipping ahead. It’s a fun movie, at least for me.

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