Good on Paper (2021)

Directed by Kimmy Gatewood

Starring Iliza Schlesinger, Ryan Hansen, Margaret Cho

I have seen A few of Iliza’s stand-up comedy specials on Netflix and I admit I enjoy them. I think she is funny. She is now venturing into movies and there was a sketch show on Netflix. This is her first film where she is the main character and she wrote the screenplay.

The movie is about Andrea, she is a comedian trying to break through television and movies. She meets Dennis on a plane and the two become friends. After a while, they become a couple. After a while, she starts to suspect that he was lying.

I have to say I was disappointed with the movie. I know comedy is hard to review because it depends on what the person likes and finds funny. So, in my opinion, the film fell short and was not funny, it had some moments but not enough for me. I wanted to like the film but in the end, it was not funny for me.

As I said, I enjoy Ilza’s stand up specials and she was good in the movie she did with Mark Wahlberg. Her performance is no the problem, she can have a future in acting, for this film is the script that did not work for me. The rest of the cast does the job expected.

Like I said, maybe you see the movie and laugh, for me the movie was not good. I’m sure Iliza will get better.

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