Lady Bird (2017)

Directed by Greta Gerwig

Starring Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Timotheé Chalamet

I remember award season the year this movie was nominated and it looked interesting. But I forgot about the film and yesterday I saw that it was on Netflix. Not knowing what to expect I had high hopes for the film because of the scenes I remember.

The story is a coming-of-age drama about Christine who called herself Lady Bird and her desire to go to college in a cultural state. So we see her do things to help her chances while she discovers love, friendship, and struggles with her mother.

I can’t say the movie was bad but I thought it was different. I liked the story and Lady Bird is a good complex character and it was interesting to see her journey. But nothing I felt made the movie unique in the coming of age genre. I thought the movie was ok, it had a good enough story.

Roman’s performance was the best part of the film. Also, Laurie was great and her interactions with Roman’s character were to be the best scenes and I wish there could have more scenes.

In the end, it was a nice movie and it has a nice story but I think my expectations might have influenced me in terms of liking the film.

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