Big Shot (2021)

Created by David E. Kelly, Dean Lorey, and Brad Garett

Starring John Stamos, Jessalyn Gilsig, Sophia Mitri Schloss, Yvette Nicole Brown

I have to say that I was surprised with this show just like I was with Mighty Ducks: Game changers. In both series, I ended up enjoying them so much.

The main line of the story is about Marvin Korn. A highly regarded basketball coach that gets kicked out of college coaching for throwing a chair to a referee during a game. He is then forced to move to California to coach a girl’s high school basketball team.

When I say this show surprised me I mean that it did not have that many expected storylines involving teenagers and when it did I think it was handled with as much originality as possible. The show has great characters, from the adults to the kids and they are all relevant to the story and the show, they all have their place for a balanced story. It had funny moments but it also had a lot of moving moments, especially with Marvin and Emma (his daughter).

The performances were great in my opinion. John Stamos was able to make me forget Uncle Jessie and see Marvin, I have always seen Stamos play that character although I know he has made other shows I have not seen them. Stamos had great chemistry with the recurrent adult characters and it made the show work. Ivette Nicole Brown was great as the Dean of the school. Where I usually have problems with teenage shows is the young actors, sometimes it just does not work, but in this show, only the boys felt a bit cliché, but enjoyable even so. The girls all performed very well and were likable.

I hope there is another season of the show because it ended with a cliffhanger.

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