To die for (1995)

Directed by Gus Van Sant

Starring Nicole Kidman, Joaquin Phoenix, and Matt Dillon

I wanted to see this film when it came out but I never did. At the time I did not know it was based on the story of Pamela Smart. One day I saw a programme about her story and they mentioned the film. Finally, I got to the movie.

The story is about Suzanne Stone. She is obsessed with becoming famous and being on television. She meets Larry Marreto and they get married. But she is only focused on her dream and while making stories for the local network she works. When her husbands suggest that they focus on his restaurant and not her dream. She begins to seduce Jimmy to get him to kill Larry.

I have to say the style of the film was very interesting. It felt like a documentary within the movie. Because a lot is like interviews done to the characters in between the movie itself. I thought that was a good way to bring the story because the fame she wanted was a central part of the story and doing it as if it was a biography of her shows that got the fame even if not the one she wanted. I did not expect the ending, I thought it was going to end differently.

Nicole Kidman was great in the role. The character needed a good actress to portray her because she is the villain but also the main focus of the film and she needed to grab the audience, make the audience interested in this character and Kidman achieved it. A very young Joaquin Phoenix was brilliant as the shy and gullible Jimmy as he is used and manipulated by Suzanne. Matt Dillan I felt played the role just like other roles he has played. I think that character could have been written better less of a laughable character, I know this is meant to be a dark comedy, but to make the crime more powerful the husband needed to be more compelling in my opinion.

The film was good, I liked the way the story was told and Nicole and Joaquin are worth watching in this movie.

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