Philadelphia (1993)

Directed by Jonathan Demme

Starting Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Antonio Banderas

This movie I believe was big and important in its time. Just like the film And the band played on, it touched on the subject of AIDS and the fear everyone had at the time and the injustice suffered from those who had it.

Andrew Beckett is a lawyer in an important law firm. When one of his co-workers noticed spots on Andrew’s body, they fire him because they suspect he has AIDS. Andrew decides to take it to court. Finding a lawyer was hard until after rejecting him at first, lawyer Joe Miller takes the case.

This is a great film. Even if we take away all the social issues within the movie. It has a moving story and great performances. The courtroom scenes are intense and Andrew’s story is so moving and powerful. Is a movie I can appreciate more now honestly and no matter where you stand, injustice and treating people unfairly is never right.

Tom Hanks won his first Oscar for Best Actor and deservingly so. At the time he was usually in comedy films and this film took him to another place in his career where he now made all kinds of films, including following this film with Forrest Gump and winning his second Oscar. But for me is Denzel Washington, I enjoy his performance so much and he is the character that most changes in the process as he overcomes his fears. Antonio Banderas is also great in the film. The cast overall was great with Mary Steenburgen, Jason Robards among other good actors.

This is an old film but a good one and if you have not seen it yet, it is recommended.

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