Scarecrow (1973)

Directed by Jerry Schatzberg

Starring Al Pacino and Gene Hackman

This is one film that does not get mentioned when talking about either Al or Gene. But I have read that it is among the actor’s favorite films they did.

The story is about Max who is just being released from prison and Francis who is a sailer. They meet on the street while they are trying to catch a ride. They start talking and decide to go into business together. They are trying to get to Detroit so Francis can see his son and the Pittsburgh open their car wash business.

So the movie is a character study film. In all honesty, not much happens other than the bond between these two drifters. It works because the characters are interesting enough that we want to see if they make it. It is a great film and what I like about it is how at first Max is the grumpy and withdrawn character while Francis is outgoing and has a child-like personality. Then when something happens to Francis they switch places. Max becomes happy and has to take care of his friend. Are a movie about friendship and the bonds humans beings need to form.

The movie works because of Al Pacino and Gene Hackman. They both are among the greatest actors ever and here they are both great.

The movie is slow and like I said not much happens in terms of plot. But it is still an enjoyable character study movie with the amazing performances by these two great actors.

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