Hanging up (2000)

Directed by Diane Keaton

Starring Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton, Lisa Kudrow, and Walter Matthau

The other day I did a podcast about films that affected me and I forgot this one. This has to be one of the saddest films I’ve seen. But it’s only sad because of the nostalgia and melancholic mood in the movie.

The story focuses on Eve as she is taking care of his father as he is ill without much help from Maddy and Georgia her sisters. Her father is a handful and Eve is stressed by all the things going on in her life.

The movie made one mistake when it was being promoted and it was because it was advertised as a comedy. It is more a dramatic film with a few laughs mainly because of Eve’s father. It is a sweet movie with a nice family story. The melancholic factor comes from the many flashbacks in the film and the music used. It is not a perfect movie but it has a lot of endearing qualities in the movie.

Diane Keaton and Meg Ryan shine in the movie. Lisa Kudrow felt too much like Phoebe from friends with her character. Walter Matthau was great in his final film.

I admit that I cried a lot with this film. I think we can all relate to this family story.

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