The Insider (1999)

Directed by Michael Mann

Starring Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, Christopher Plummer

Continuing with Al Pacino, I decided on one of my favorite films of his filmography. Based on true events on how a whistleblower went against the big tobacco companies.

Jeffrey Wigand is fired from his work. He worked for a tobacco company and what he knows is a threat to those big tobacco companies. He goes on 60 minutes and then has to fight for his life and to get the truth out there. While Bergman has to fight his own battle to get the interview to air.

This is one movie that I don’t get tired of seeing. The story is great and it is directed perfectly by Mann. The suspense we get in almost every scene first with Wigand and then Bergman as they both fight to get the truth out. There are so many intense scenes. It is frustrating to see how those in power use it to get their way and here two ordinary men fight it head-on. I know a lot of those elements that make the film suspenseful were added and did not happen, but they make the film great.

What stands out to me about this film is that the performances by the entire cast are just great. Al Pacino is one of my favorite performances. Russell Crowe is also great in the movie. Christopher Plummer as Mike Wallace was also great. A lot of actors had their moments to shine. The courtroom scene is a fine piece of acting.

The film is a highlight in Pacino’s filmography.

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