Carrie (1976)

Directed by Brian De Palma

Starring Sissy Spacek, Amy Irving, Nancy Allen, John Travolta

When it comes to horror films, some have left me in such shock and this is one of them. The images and the style of this film at the time and even now are unique and works so well with the story.

The story is about Carrie White. She is a shy girl who is raised by a strictly religious mother. At school Carrie is bullied and when a teacher starts punishing those girls they plan to get revenge on Carrie on Prom night not knowing who they are facing.

To say that this is a horror film would be too simple because the whole movie in itself is not terrifying. The images of Carrie’s house serve as a horror element in itself. The image of this Christ they have in a prayer room still gives me chills when I see the movie.

The prom sequence where Carrie gets even with everyone is brilliantly shot by De Palma by dividing the screens we see Carrie in the middle and the other sides the chaos that she is unleashing on the school.

Sissy Spacek was brilliant as Carrie, sweet when the character needed to be and dark and evil at the end. Her face as she simply walks through the chaos is perfect. Piper Laurie as Carrie’s mother is another brilliant performance in the film.

This is one film I have always loved. But when I first saw it I was impacted by the end and the images. One of my favorites Stephen King adaptations.

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