Horizon: The Carpenters (1975)

Produced Richard and Karen Carpenter

This band I feel is so underrated in music history. To me, their talent is on the same level as so many other musicians. Maybe the only disadvantage was they mostly chose material of songs for their albums although Richard Carpenter did co-write a few of their hits. I love this group and to this day I believe Karen is among the best female vocalist of all time.

This album belonged to my father and I just found an old record player I had and wanted to try it out and my father’s vinyl records were all I had and I discovered great music. This album was one of them and I loved it. It shows the main strength of the group, the great arrangements by Richard, and the beautiful vocals by Karen.

The songs are good on this album ranging from different styles. Only Yesterday and Happy are pop songs are their best. They have a beautiful cover of the Eagles song Desperado. Solitaire and I can Dream are two sad songs performed perfectly by Karen who I believe, like Elvis, gave feeling to every note she sang making every song hers. Caught between goodbye and I love you and Love me for what I am are also great songs.

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