American Traitor: The trial of Axis Sally (2021)

Directed by Michael Polish

Starring Al Pacino, Meadow Williams

If there is a movie subject that is hard to see are movies dealing with the Holocaust. And by this time I am surprised at the many stories that find themselves being told in movies that I had no idea existed. Because there are fictional films taking place in the true event, but this film is based on a true person and a true trial.

During the war in Germany, they used radio to broadcast Nazi propaganda to American troops. Mildred Gillars was a singer and an actress living in Germany who is cast to voice the propaganda and do radio shows. When the war ends she is captured in Berlin and taken to the United States where she is going to stand trial for eight counts of treason and they wanted to hang her.

The movie has an interesting story, at least by knowing it was based on true events I wanted to know the outcome and see her story. Now that does not make a movie great and this one I can say it was good. I think the performances failed to make the flashbacks scenes truly compelling. The story itself is interesting but I could not feel sympathetic to the main character based on how she was portrayed. So the strength of the film fell on Pacino’s character and him trying to save her from being hanged, which I think was too much for what she did.

Al Pacino delivers once again another great performance. The scene where he is closing the case was so good. But the rest of the performances were fine but the movie needed another or other good actors around Pacino.

The movie is interesting and has a great Al Pacino performance.

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