George Harrison: Somewhere in England (1981)

Produced by George Harrison and Ray Cooper

Reading the news feed on my Facebook page I read that today marks the 40th anniversary of this record. Released on June 1st, 1981, this would the follow-up to 1979’s self-titled album.

This album is the first new record by Harrison following Lennon’s death and in some of the lyrics, the effect is clear. But even with that over it, the album has some upbeat songs and songs with spiritual messages. I think is an underrated album, I love this album. It has a lot of synthesizers but that does not ruin the album for me.

All those years ago is the highlight of the album and a beautiful tribute to John Lennon and how great that Ringo is on drums and Paul sings backing vocals along with Linda and Denny. I like Blood from a clone and how George views the music industry. Unconsciousness rules is a fun track.

The album is not perfect and the two covers I did not like much, but the original Harrison songs are very good.

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