Batman Returns (1992)

Directed by Tim Burton

Starring Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken

As I was in the mood for Batman this weekend and I saw the 1989’s Batman and today I wanted to see the sequel. When it comes to the ’80s and 90’s Batman movies this is the last one I can still see.

In this chapter, the caped crusader faces two enemies. The Pinguin decides to rise from the sewer to gain power on Gotham City while Selina Kyle wants revenge against Shreck who tried to kill her.

This movie takes all the work in the first one and just adds more action and more colorful characters. The movie is dark and fun and silly at times but it worked. It still has that comic book feel to the movie and the fight sequences are inventive and fun. For me, this one is better than the first.

The performance is outrageous without feeling over the top like Carrey’s and Lee Jones performances as Riddler and Two-Face. Danny DeVito was perfect as the Penguin both in the look and the performance. Michelle as Catwoman was also a great casting and she had fun with the character and still to this day she remains the best Catwoman.

The image of the Penguin at the end it’s still so memorable as were many moments in the film.

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