Batman (1989)

Directed by Tim Burton

Starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Bassinger

This was a huge hit that summer it came out. Batman became a phenomenon. Today I began with the animated series and then I was in the mood to revisit this classic film.

In this story, the caped crusader is matched against the Joker as he takes over Gotham city and terrorizes the town putting smiles on everyone’s face. Batman is still a mystery who is beginning to step out of the shadows as he tries to stop the Joker.

I have to say this movie has not become outdated with time. It remains an amazingly fun movie. I like the sets and how Gotham City looks, I know now the more real the better but I enjoy the fantasy look of this film. Also, the movie keeps a bit of the fun of the past tv show but making it darker and the silliness of the Joker goes well with Wayne’s side of the story.

Jack Nicholson is perfect for this style of Joker, he is evil but the clown is more evident than his insanity. Here Jack goes all the way and has fun with this character and steals the show. Michael Keaton remains my favorite Batman. I like his performance as both Wayne and Batman.

Even after all these years, this movie remains among my favorite superhero movies of all time.

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