Friends: The Reunion

Some things have a mark on pop culture that it creates a bond between the audience and the tv show or artist. I can think of The Beatles for those who lived in the ’60s, I could understand the craving for a reunion and the feeling when they did appear together in interviews or pictures or the Anthology even though sadly John could not be there. For me Friends is like that, for 10 years I would watch the show and loved it. Each character is iconic and it is rare for 6 characters to be loved and known equally, even if Aniston is the most known maybe, in terms of the characters we all know Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe, just like everyone knew John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

So I’m sure many people wanted a reboot, I’m glad they did not. I prefer this reunion, have the cast together, and look back at the show. I enjoyed the special a lot. I liked the table reads and some other things they did in between the interviews. It is emotional by the end because we can relate to growing and saying goodbye as they did after 10 years and meeting again to see the love is still the same.

Unlike the Fresh Prince special where Will felt like the host, here James Corden does great as the host and talking to the cast. There were so many cool stories (one caught me by surprise) and great guests on the special.

Definitively fans of the show will enjoy the special that is now available on HBO MAX.

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