Four Good Days (2020)

Directed by Rodrigo García

Starring Mila Kunis, Glen Close, Stephen Root

I wanted to see this film when I saw the trailer. Thankfully the renting price was like going to the movie theater so I rented it.

The story begins with Molly knocking at her mother’s door. She is a drug addict who wants to get better. Her mother forces her to rehab and when a doctor offers them an option of medication but she has to be clean for four days before getting the shot. The challenge of staying sober until she can get her medicine.

When it comes to movies about addicts and their parents there are always things that repeat or are similar, I like to focus on the specific journey for the character. Based on a true story, this is a beautiful film yet ugly film because of the horror of addiction. It goes deep into the effects of addiction from the physical look of Molly to the relationships of those around her. I thought the movie was very moving and driven by two strong characters trying their best to achieve the goal of getting Molly sober to take her medicine.

Mila Kunis impressed me a lot with her performance. From the look to every movement, she was able to make me believe she was going through addiction. Glen Close has been doing some amazing performances, maybe searching for that Oscar that she truly deserves. Here once again she is amazing.

I liked the story a lot and the performances are worth seeing. It is a typical movie dealing with addiction, so there are predictable moments, but for me, that did not matter because I just wanted to see how this particular story ended.

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