1971: The year music changed everything (2021)

Directed by Asif Kapadia

I was excited when I saw the trailer for this documentary because I have always been interested in documentaries about historic events and I always loved music and believe that both are related. Music no matter the lyrics is a soundtrack of the times and either remind us of the times or in some cases the lyrics are clear reminders of certain times. This documentary is just that, is taking the year 1971 and the events that happened together with how music responded.

The documentary focuses on the year 1971 although it does talk about events that happened before or after that are somehow related to that year. It starts with the Ken State shootings and I was amazed at the footage shown, I had seen pictures but never footage as clear as this one. Out of those shootings, Neil Young wrote the song Ohio and that is a brief example of what the documentary tries to show about music and the year.

The documentary is divided into 8 episodes. It deals with politics, the Vietnam war, drugs, and the culture, racism, and civil rights struggle. For me, it was great as I heard interviews by George Harrison I never heard as they focused on both John Lennon and his Imagine album and Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh. The documentary focuses on artists like Marvin Gaye, Sly and the family stones, Tina Turner, John Lennon, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones and many others.

I found the documentary to be great because they took each topic and showed great visuals and detail. Some things I knew others I did not know. I liked the concept and the telling of history through the music.

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