Two for the money (2005)

Directed by D.J. Caruso

Starring Al Pacino, Mathew McConaughey, Renee Russo

I wanted to see as many movies as. I can movies starring Al Pacino. I started with Frankie and Johny, now I got to see Two for the money. I have not seen this one in while and remember few things from it.

The movie is about Brandon Lang, a former quarterback who injured his knee and could not play anymore. While working making picks for winners on football games he is recruited by Walter Abrams who runs a big sport consulting company. He becomes Walter’s protege, but how long can his winning streak last?

I want to be objective in my reviews of Pacino’s film because I am a big fan. This one I would not rank it among his best. The concept of the story is fine but the direction they took with a few things I did not like. Like making Walter jealous of John Anthony and suspecting him having an affair with his wife. I think it should have focused more on the betting and the competition within the guys working for Walter. Also, the changes in Walter as the villain were not done right in my opinion and the ending lacked excitement. John Anthony as a character is not likable and I know it might have been intentional.

When you got good actors they can save a film and in this one for me that all it works. Pacino and Russo did a great job with what they had to work with. Mathew was good as the cocky John Anthony.

This is an ok movie, as a fan of Pacino I enjoyed it but would not rank it among his best work and there is a lot of great film to move forward.

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